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Memorable Milestones and Frame-Worthy Moments

I am the most sentimental on the eve of my girls birthdays. My mind becomes overwhelmed by memorable milestones and frame-worthy moments throughout the years. The older they get, I think about what they’ve overcome and how much they’ve grown - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. My sappy, nostalgic heart bursts with pride while my eyes fill with tears at how fast time goes.

In November, my oldest daughter turned seventeen. On the eve of her 17th birthday, I definitely became overwhelmed with memories and emotions. I vividly remember the blog post I wrote on the eve of her first birthday. I remember tucking her into bed and singing to her on the eve of her second, fifth, tenth, and thirteenth. I remember her giggle, her cuddles, and endless chatter as she curled up in bed with me over the years. My brain can’t comprehend that for 17 years, her craftiness, clutter, and creativity have become part of our daily lives and sprawled throughout our home.

That’s why when my husband suggested we watch a movie as a family that night, I jumped at the opportunity. I didn’t want to dwell on memories because my tender heart was on the edge of overflowing with emotions because HOW IS SHE 17?!

As I walked upstairs to tell the girls of our movie-watching plan, I found them like this.

They were going through old baby books, journals, and favorite childhood stories. They were laughing and reminiscing about their childhood. They were sharing inside jokes and “remember whens.” Some, I had no idea about.

So much for a movie distracting me from my heart bursting with emotion!

Misty-eyed, I stood there watching them because as hard as it is to know that one day I will need to let them go, I was overwhelmed with the gift that sisterhood is.

As we snuggled up to watch the movie, I silently embraced the moment of us in the same room and watching the same screen, knowing that their bond is a gift they will carry well beyond this moment and well beyond their childhood years. It’s a gift that will grow with them as I learn to let go.


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