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Let Them Doodle

My daughter is a doodler. Since the time she could hold a crayon, she has been drawing. I used to think it was simply a creative distraction that would often get in her trouble for not paying attention in class. Can anyone else relate?? However, since she was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and being on the spectrum, I've learned doodling is much more than just a doodle. In fact, I noticed that she has a better time focusing, and has a better attitude in classes where she is allowed to doodle.

An article from explains that doodling builds memory power, relieves stress, improves focus, enhances creativity, and helps express emotions. Read more about it here: How Doodle Art Benefits Your Child And Why You Must Encourage The Habit

In honor of Valentine's Day and to embrace the doodlers in our life, here is a doodle page my daughter created for you and your littles! If you decided to color it, we'd love to see it.



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