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Every time we play UNO, I expect it to bring out our competitive nature and true colors. The few games we played tonight did just as I expected. However, one game gave us a special message and reminder. Let me explain. In the heat of the game, my middle daughter was given a Draw Four from my youngest daughter. Any UNO player knows this isn’t a good thing. For non-UNO players, this means that while you’re trying to get rid of your cards, you have to draw four extra cards from the deck. Not only that, you have to skip your turn. Ouch!

I was expecting my middle daughter to be mad, but instead, she thanked her sister. What!?! She then said, “I know this is a bad thing, but because I had to draw four, I got better cards and now I can use them!”

This instantly reminded me of the trials in life that were really bad but were used for good. Do you know what I’m talking about? A strengthened family through mended marriage. Lessons learned from a redeemed friendship. Divine appointments that only happened because of a job loss or loss of a loved one. Communities coming together in the midst of disaster or crisis. Hope given to someone else only because you have walked in their shoes. I’m talking about the miracles in the mess.

You see, we have a choice. We can focus on the bad and get stuck in the ugly, or we can choose to see the good in our situations and shift our mindset so we can move forward in constructive, positive thoughts. I hope you choose to focus on the good today. The world needs more of that.


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