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Pinterest Wannabe!

I am a Pinterest wannabe. I love the idea of Pinterest. I am in awe of moms who can pull off seemingly flawless birthday parties, baby showers, and fairy-tale bridal showers in their homes, all while looking like a dream. I always wonder how long pristine, stylish living rooms stay that way and if the picture of the homemade five-course meal really tastes how it looks.

I tried to be that for a while, but it ended up causing me a lot of anxiety.

Anyone who has ever lived with me or knows me understands that I mean well, but I usually burn frozen pizza, I prefer to order takeout, and my holiday treats sometimes look like I'm on an episode of Nailed It. (I say "sometimes" because my snowman pancakes are pretty cool). I stopped forcing holiday cards because my family usually fought, and I gave up on Marie Kondo's super home organization because keeping up with it is not who I am. I also love a fabulous front porch, but at what cost? A whole new patio set every season?! Lord knows I love good hair and nail days, but Lord also knows I cannot keep up with the Kardashians!

I love Pinterest but decided years ago that I was not a Pinterest mom. I like to keep things simple and sentimental at home - because that's who I am. The pressure and time it takes to keep with The Jones (whoever they are) is too much, and my mental health is too important to do otherwise.

Here are three simple and sentimental things that I have been doing since my kids were little. They bring the family great joy, and there is no stress involved.

1. Chatbooks! Chatbooks is an app that connects to my private Instagram account. Every 60 posts are turned into a book and sent to my house. Before the books are printed, I get a reminder and have the option to add or remove pictures. Our books are titled "Growing Up Edelbrock," dating back to 2012. It is inexpensive and worth it.

2. T-shirt quilts! At the end of every big season or big move, I hand over special t-shirts or clothes my family has worn to a seamstress friend. They turn our memories into quilts we can cuddle with, display, or put away. From baby clothes to teenagers' t-shirts, these quilts make me tear up and fill our family with good memories. If you don't have a seamstress in your life, look up t-shirt quilts online. There are so many companies that can do this. - including Etsy!

3. Ornaments! Every year, I pick a picture or two or three (anyone who knows me knows I love a good picture!) from my camera roll and turn it into a Christmas ornament. I've been doing this since my husband and I were first married. We now have over 21 memorable ornaments to look at every Christmas. Each ornament can cost as little as $5. You can do this with a push of a button on Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Shutterfly… etc.

Do you have a simple and meaningful hack for other Pinterest wannabes like me? I'd love to hear from you!


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