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Let Them Be Sad

My daughter's pet bird died yesterday. We held each other and cried. We put it in a box with handwritten messages of love. We covered the box with vibrant petals before giving it the proper burial in our backyard with soft music and sprinkles of birdseed.

This may seem over the top of silly for just a bird, but it's not. It was my daughter’s, and she was heartbroken and we joined her in her sorrow.

Our parents come from a generation where being tough is glorified, emotions were suppressed, and feelings were supposed to be hidden. Most of us were raised that way.

Let me tell you, friends. This is not how we’re supposed to live life.

Allow your kids to feel. Let them be sad. Join them in their sorrow. Rejoice with them in their joy. Understand when they're angry and believe them when they’re anxious.

Guiding your kids through big feelings is critical for their social-emotional development. It gives them a deeper connection to themselves and others and allows them to blossom into who they were created to be.

Life is full of heart full and heartbreaking moments. Embracing our children’s emotions is a gift that will be passed down for generations. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it starts with us.


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