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It's True What They Say

I remember thinking this phase would never end. Do you know the phase I'm talking about?

The active, loud, crazy phase. The phase where it was a chore to leave the house. The booster seats, finding good babysitters, lots of tantrums, and toys scattered everywhere phase.

The phase where they thought it was still cool to wear matching shirts and a Happy Meal would solve almost anything. The phase where I could visit them for school cafeteria lunch and join classroom parties. The phase where staying up until 9 pm was a treat.

The phase where we could all squeeze in one bed and read chapters out of their favorite books. The phase where a trip to the pet store or a walk to the pond brought so much joy. Chasing fireflies and ice cream trucks, painting nails, using sidewalk chalk, and releasing butterflies were things I thought would stick around.

Messy crafts, snowball fights, pool floaties, freckle-kissed faces, homemade cookies, and dance parties in the living room are what I thought would stay.

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that it’s true what they say: IT GOES BY FAST AND IT DOES NOT LAST.

Hold on tight, friends. Those messy faces, those tiny fingers and toes, the pigtails, the flip-flops, and funny mismatched clothes; it’s all one big countdown until we watch them go.

Hold your bigs and littles tight today because it’s true what they say; this phase isn't here to stay.


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