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I Will Never Stop

I took a picture of our living room today. It's the last picture I will take of it for the 2023 Christmas season. On Monday, it will all be put away and we will begin the new semester and new year with a fresh start.

After I snapped the picture I took a moment to remember the moments we spent in the living room this season. So many laughs, so many messes. So much hard work to decorate it and transform it into a cozy winter wonderland. There were movie nights, game nights, pizza parties, and more. Hot chocolate was spilled, and cookie crumbs, candy wrappers, and blankets were always spread over the rug. Our Elf on the Shelf was always hidden somewhere nearby. It felt like a warm hug when friends and family gathered in this room.

I wondered as I looked around the room, why I always go to so much trouble to make the living room so magical. After all, my kids are teenagers now. Isn't time they grow up? When should I stop being so Christmassy and corny?

The answer is simple. Big or little, young or old, I will never stop making magic for my children. Especially at Christmastime. Their memories are their foundation and springboard for life and I will never stop creating a cozy, safe place for them to take haven in. So goodbye, for now, Christmas living room. Your magic and warmth will be held tight in our memories and give us life as we springboard to 2024.


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