Tangled Up

Tangled Up

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Studies show that one in six kids between the ages of two- and eight-years-old have a behavioral, mental, or developmental disorder. It can be scary to navigate this world as a parent, but experiencing this as a young child can be even scarier.


Tangled Up lessens the fear of the unknown and shines a positive, peaceful light on therapy and mental health. It colorfully shows how the beautiful threads of us can become tangled, and how counselors and therapists are here to help us twirl bravely through life.


Tangled Up unpacks feelings which are often too difficult for children to readily explain in their own words. I love what Jamie has done in this book. She so vividly articulates the pain that many children feel, normalizing their experience and sharing her hope in this story—hope so tangible that you and your children can carry it in your hearts, too. 

- Lindsey Lessley, MA CMHC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Jamie tackles a difficult but essential topic in a beautiful and engaging way. Her message of hope and resilience is one every child would benefit from hearing. 

- Dr. Cameron Caswell, Developmental Psychologist and Family Coach