Be the Sparkle - Coming Soon!

Be the Sparkle - Coming Soon!

Be the Sparkle will be available everywhere books are sold in the fall 2022! Stay tuned! 


The world can be a scary place. But if we work together, there are sparkles to be found everywhere.


Research shows that frightening news and scary current events can negatively affect a child’s emotional and cognitive development and mental health by causing fear, anxiety, and stress. Be the Sparkle teaches young readers they are not alone and shows them positive ways to respond when the world feels dark.




“A rare and unique find, Jamie has brought to light the significant and poignant yet subtle (or unspoken) negative effects from current worldly affairs. Together, we need to acknowledge these nasty events, validate and quell the fears of our children, and inspire all our loved ones to take action and spread their spirits and overall goodness. Honest, transparent, and giving, this beautifully-written book reminds us changing the world starts with us, inspiration, love, and kindness can be actioned in simple and easy ways, and it gives permission to be our best selves, own our best selves, and let our souls sparkle brightly in this crazy roller coaster we call life.”

Seth Eliot Santoro CEC

# 1 Best Selling Author of Finn & The Ferocious Flu and Smile From The Inside!


“Reading Be the Sparkle and her previous book, Tangled Up, I have to ask myself, "If these are aimed at our children, how come I'm learning so much?" Jamie’s messages of love, support, and acceptance are so important in all of our lives!”

Jim Van Norman, MD (Psychiatry)


“Be the Sparkle creatively shines a light on helping others and giving back. It teaches children how small acts of kindness can make a big difference in our sometimes sad and scary world. Jamie's comforting words simply explain why loving your neighbor and serving others is important—a message we all need to hear!”

Nancy Bruno

Scatter & Serve Coordinator, Terraforma Church


​​“Jamie has done it AGAIN! She has a gift for turning difficult topics into magical moments. It’s impossible to shield our children from all the scary stuff happening in the world—wars, disease, hate, poverty, etc. We worry about how all of it will impact our children now and in the long term. In Be the Sparkle, Jamie uses a beautiful story to demonstrate how parents can help their kids process the information and grow more resilient. She shows us how simple actions can transform us from victim to hero. Even us adults can benefit from the encouragement and wisdom that spills from the pages of this book.”

Cameron (Dr. Cam) Caswell, PhD

Family Success Coach